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Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P don't support band 12 or VoLTE, but Google is working on it

So there you go. For now it looks like band 12 LTE and VoLTE aren't enabled on the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, but Google is apparently working on fixing that. The two phones are expected to begin shipping later in October, so here's to hoping that Google

Are you ready for Autism? Simple steps for preparing for a Monday morning ...

The app I like is called, "My Healthy Smile" and is available only at the app store (iPad, iPhone). There are short social stories with pictures that walk the patient through various dental procedures (radiographs, prophy, exam, braces, for example

5 Best iPhone and iPad Apps : September Week 4

and insert links and rich media right from the keyboard. So you don't have to ask Siri a question or go to Safari to manually search for something (oh the horror). With Slash, you either type the forward slash followed by a command or choose one of

Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P don't support band 12 or VoLTE, but Google is working on it - TmoNews


Today Google finally made its Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P officially official , and the question on the minds of many T-Mobile customers was “Does this support T-Mobile’s band 12 and VoLTE. In response to a question on Twitter, T-Mobile’s support team says that neither the Nexus 5X nor the Nexus 6P will support band 12, but that T-Mo is working to enable the feature. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi Calling won’t be turned on by default, but you can enable the feature when you connect one of the new Nexuses to T-Mobile’s network. Actually its not… Nexus 6 supports a lot of bands but iPhone 6S supports carrier aggregation (2+2, 2+4, 4+4, 2+12, 4+12) which makes a big difference in usability. And this is coming from someone who loves his Nexus 6. The band 12 update was bittersweet for me. My phone prefers the band 12 signal which runs an average of 6Mbps instead of the 25-30Mbps it was getting with the band 4 signal. Carrier aggregation for T-Mobile bands would have been amazing. You made the point that “consumers are realizing that iphone is the best option for comprehensive band support. ” That would be difficult for consumers to ascertain since up until the 6S was released last week, iphone did not support the latest bands. I have been enjoying all the latest bands for quite some time with android phones. When the Iphone 6 was put out last year Band 12 on T-Mobile was not turned on yet. (or I do not think it was anyway) Now when you look at today, the 6s has it out of the box, so the reps will tell ppl this when they say you will get better coverage with the 6s over the nexus phones. The avg customer has no clue what Band 12 is and all they want to hear is will this phone work with everything T-Mobile has now and the answer to that right now is no. The 6s is yes. Also the phone is shipping with slower hardware to some of the other android phones. Look at the S6, Note 5, that phone (until the reviews of the nexus are out) looks to be way better then the nexus. I always looked at the Nexus 6 to be a good phone compared to the Note 4. They were both pretty much the same phone. You could say the same about the Galaxy S 5, LG G3, or even the HTC M8. Those devices were out before there new ones with Band 12 being out. The only phone that was already out when Band 12 lunched and worked on Band 12 was the Note 4. The problem with this is that, any new phone coming out right now that may be sold on T-Mobile’s network needs to have Band 12 out of the box. Since T-Mobile is pushing Band 12 aka what T-Mobile calls it Long Range LTE. Given Apple’s yearly update cycle in hardware, they didn’t fully support T-Mobile all of the prior 365 days. You know since band 12 started showing up since last year. So you’re saying devices shouldn’t be future proofed if Apple has done so well prior to the newest releases. And I’m pretty sure it took them a while to support WiFi calling as well. Look how long it took to get Wifi calling on the N6. It was months. If it doesn’t work out of the box ppl will get a phone that works now, not the promise that it will work at one point. T-Mobile and Google have always been good with the nexus phones. I am very surprised to see Google not have Band 12 with VOLTE on out of the box. Unless something changes right away, I do not think this phone will sell well until it supports it. Then blow up T-Mobile’s support lines and tell them to get their heads out of their asses. These devices support Band 12. It appears that T-Mobile has dragged multiple other devices / device manufacturers through the mud like this until well after ship date. calling t-mobiles support lines will do nothing for you. Samsung and Apple care about there customer’s and want to make sure they get the best with any carrier they use. I am almost 100% sure Verizon has something just like this for something. Google is just being lazy about it. If Apple can do there is no reason Google can not. T-MOBILE very particular about handsets using band 12 because the software must support VoLTE, but more importantly, E911 on VoLTE. T-Mobile’s network relies heavily on band 12 in more rural areas which are being built and as they expand the footprint there will not be multiple layers to fall back on for E911 so the band 12 VoLTE/E911 aspect becomes even more critical. That’s why I always stick with T-Mobile branded phones (S6). It took almost 5 months for the nexus 6 to get WiFi.

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